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The Camiciecoraggiose can only be purchased on our website.

Elegant and colorful shirts and blouses, completely Made in Italy - designed, printed, cut and sewn by hand entirely in Italy, in Lombardy, between Milan, Como and Varese.

Camiciecoraggiose was born from the desire for color, for colored elegance, from the awareness of the fact that life, joy and passion have strong colors and that wanting to live one's life with joy and passion is an inalienable right.

So we tried to design the kind of shirts that we would never tire of looking at and wearing, those shirts that even after decades are still a design classic and having one is considered a fortune. 

Our shirts made us insatiable from the first moment with color, with patterns, with the beauty found in art and in nature with their colors, shapes and shades.

It is a job that makes us happy and makes us feel lucky, so we want to do it with the best possible quality, quality of materials and production processes, respecting the environment with biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly fabrics. The fabric with which the Camiciecoraggiose are made is a viscose Satin, an eco-friendly vegetable fiber certified Oeko-Tex and FSC, a highly breathable fabric which gives a touch of freshness to our body and therefore very pleasant to wear even in direct contact with the skin both in summer and in winter . A fabric of natural origin that is very resistant to wear , absorbs colors that appear brighter than other natural fabrics very well.

To share this experience with as many people as possible, we have decided to keep the final price as low as possible, without letting this compromise the quality of our shirts. Ours is an artisanal production entirely produced in Italy, which makes use of Lombard manufacturing excellence, we design the models in Milan and in the province of Varese and Como, the fabrics are printed and cut, and the shirts are hand-made.

Thanks tolla craftsmanship any small differences are an integral part of the final result of each shirt.

The colorful graphics of the Courageous Shirts are continually renewed, our designers continue to churn out new graphics that we like very much, for this reason each shirt model is produced in a limited number to make room for new designs.

Camiciecoraggiose is a registered trademark owned by:

Braveshirts srl

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